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Professional Editing is Not Just About Making Your Photos Look Better...'s about making YOU look better!

What do your photos say about you?

You love taking photos. You do it well and it’s your passion. But photography is a very competitive field. Do your images truly dazzle your clients in the way you were hoping? If your photos don’t leap off the page, you won’t receive the recognition you worked so hard for. You cannot afford to make any mistakes in a town that already has fifteen other photo studios.

You deserve uncompromising results. From advanced photo retouching to high-end photo compositing, your success depends upon finding a skilled artist who will edit your photos by hand until every detail is just right.

We are experienced photographers like yourself. We speak your language and understand what it takes to make your photos look extraordinary. We are your partners and allies, and have the decades of knowledge necessary to help bring your creative vision to a dazzling reality–and still get the job done on time.

We are the Ace up your sleeve!

Why choose Chosky Studios?


Memorable beauty photography can always benefit from the trained eye of an experienced artist. When you work with us, you are always working directly with a trained photographer who cares as much about the success of your photos as you do. We’re here to help make sure ALL your photos are ones you can proudly display!

Advanced glamor photo retouching requires the utmost care and skill in order for your photography to look exceptional and still maintain its natural vibrancy and realism. That’s why you won’t find quick auto-effects being used at Chosky Studios. We are traditional artists who always take the extra time to edit each of your photographs skillfully by hand.


Beautiful images are only one benefit of working with our uniquely experienced photographic artists. Your privacy is also treated very seriously at Chosky Studios. Your photos are kept SAFE and PRIVATE while receiving magazine quality editing by our own highly trained staff. A fewer number of professionals working on your images means that you will always be treated with dignity and respect.

Operating a modest studio also has the advantage that all of our artists are formally educated and experienced photographers. So whether your portraits require glamorous beauty retouching or advanced photo compositing, we have you covered. If you need a successful way to make your photos look stunning while ensuring your privacy, please contact us today!


Like a bride and groom–two halves of the same soul joined together to produce something beautiful–advanced photo retouching is the second half of creating spectacular photography. For the highest quality photo retouching, special attention to meticulous results always comes first. Our artists are visionaries just like yourself. We know what it takes to make beautiful and successful images, and are here to help ensure that all your photographs are unforgettable!

From glamour photo retouching, advanced photo compositing, to fine art editing… You deserve an ally who is as dedicated to helping you achieve greatness as you are!


When it comes to producing outstanding family, senior, and children photography, receiving the help of an experienced portrait retoucher can often make all the difference between being revered and being forgotten. The careful retouching techniques needed for family and people photography often differ from those for glamour and beauty shots. Armed with nearly two decades of professional photo retouching experience, we are excited to work with you to create memorable images and help emphasize the style and exceptional essence of all your photographs!


As with your own personal photography, in advanced photo retouching the greatest efforts yield the greatest results. To help your images soar above your competition, it’s vital to never compromise on quality. We help you to avoid lost recognition and profits by always working directly with you as highly trained artists–experts you can trust! Your specific needs and creative vision are our focus, as we provide you with meticulous and skillful results that are backed by nearly two decades of photo retouching expertise.

Successful commercial and landscape photography requires the utmost care and skill to look extraordinary and still adhere to your own vision, technical accuracy, and tight schedule. Let’s work together to get the job done right, and finished on time!


We invite you to view our gallery of custom image work, advanced photo retouching, and photo restoration. See samples of our work and learn how our 20 years of professional experience can ensure that all your photos are beautiful, memorable, and superior quality too!

Professional Photo Editing for your Budget!

Whether you are just starting out, or have been taking photos for your entire life, we will work closely with you to produce high quality imagery that fits within your current budget. Your photographs will be skillfully retouched and transformed into beautiful masterpieces that help you truly stand out. Choose to have minimal editing done, or opt for something exciting like custom photographic art and compositing. Chosky Studios has you covered!


Most frequent questions and answers
To make things easier for you, there are no complicated forms or questionnaires to fill out. For a free professional assessment and quote, simply visit here, select the type of service you are interested in, describe what you would like to have done, upload your photo(s), and press the “send” button. We’ll handle the rest! One of our experienced and courteous representatives will contact you right away.
Most software imaging packages rely on making automatic adjustments for the hue, color, contrast, and brightness of your photographs. While this is certainly an easier method, the simple truth is that automated photo methods lead to poor quality ‘automated-results’.

Each of your photographs presents a unique challenge. If you want them to look their best, every photo needs to be carefully hand edited, providing superior control and results. That’s precisely how we do it for you at Chosky Studios! We use state of the art digital techniques, software and equipment. But more importantly, we only house artists who take the greatest pride in the quality of each and every picture they work on. Our artists are eager to utilize their many years of experience, and caring attention to detail, to ensure that you receive a flawless product you’ll be proud to display on your wall.
If you uploaded a digital photo, we will provide you with the completed/approved image in as high quality resolution as the original file allows. If you sent us your original photographs (slides or negatives), you will receive them back via carefully packaged, registered postal mail. Upon request, we will also send you a second version of your finished file, conveniently saved in web-friendly resolution, so that you may easily email it to friends and family, or add it to your website. (Need help updating your website?)

For immediate service, we accept most major credit cards worldwide. We also accept payment through PayPal™. If you prefer not to use your credit card, you can send us a Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Personal Check as payment. (Allow 7-14 days for Personal Checks to clear before service can begin.) To obtain more information, please contact us.

We always schedule the turnaround time around your needs so that you never miss a deadline! In general, upon payment, most photo retouching services take 2 to 4 working days to complete. If your photograph needs severe restoration or custom manipulation/retouching, it may take longer. You will always be given an estimate of the time required before your project starts.

For rush orders, we can have most photographs ready in 24-48 hours for an extra 50% charge per photo. If you have any further questions please ask us!

Of course! We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we want you to be entirely happy with the results of your order. For complete details on our guarantee policy please read our Terms & Conditions.

Service Prices

Have a special request? Not sure of the cost? 
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General Photo Editing
& Enhancement
$ 5
  • Blemish removal
    Basic image enhancement
    Custom cropping
    Contrast correction
    Glamour/color enhancement
    Straighten image
    Brighten image
    Red eye removal
    Photo optimization
    Glare and shine removal
    Clothing/spot touch up
    Basic noise removal
    Unwanted vein concealing/removal
    General photo enlargement
    Dark circle lightening (eyes)
    Teeth whitening
    General makeup enhancement
    Fly-away hair taming
    Basic eye & eyelash enhancement
    professional post sharpening
    Color cast removal
    Minor object removal
    Selective blurring
    Lens/focus correction
    Edge touch-up
    Wrinkle reduction
    Scar removal


Advanced Photo Retouching
& Glamour
$ 10
  • Braces removal
    Add or remove a background
    Waist, neck, or arm thinning
    Light and shadow enhancement
    Change elements of a picture
    Add/remove objects or people
    Skin cleaning
    Body slimming
    Age regression
    Head or eye swap
    Custom photo effects
    Advance recoloring
    Creative blurring
    Glamour glow
    Color art
    Frame art
    Sepia, duotone, black/white
    Hard contrast (increase pop)
    Selective coloring
    Glamour composition
    Visual effects
    Custom graphic design
    Advanced photo compositing


Photo Restoration,
Art & Compositing
$ 15
  • Remove dust & scratches
    Fix creases, cracks, tears
    Remove stains
    Custom cropping
    Correct discoloration
    Photo optimization
    Image enhancement
    Sharpen image
    Brighten image
    Contrast correction
    Straighten image
    Repair fading and discoloration
    Replace creases and missing edges
    Reconstruct Missing Details
    Repair water damage
    Repair torn photos
    Reattach fragmented pieces
    Repair/reconstruct details
    Remove mold and mildew damage
    Moderate background damage
    Fix severely damaged edges
    Repair or add a background
    Eliminate severe stains
    Repair photos stuck to glass
    Reconstruct facial damage