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In order to stand out, your mobile app and web pages need to be more than just “another website.” People visit you online because they are looking for something of value. That can be your e-commerce store, information about your new products/services, or your creative portfolio. Your new customers are looking for clean uncluttered pages and a search function to help them quickly find what they are seeking. They want to learn more about you through your weekly newsletter, your professional email, or your live chat.

WE MAKE YOU VISIBLE – Over 86% of your visitors will come to your website through search engines like Google or social media pages like Facebook. We help you get more valuable exposure and optimize your app & website for the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

WE MAKE YOU MORE SECURE – Your visitors trust you with the information they type into your website’s forms. To help protect you from a data breach, and ensure that you don’t get blacklisted by Google, we always utilize industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

WE MAKE YOU MOBILE FRIENDLY – More than 63% the people visiting your website will be using their smart-phones and tablets. We ensure that your app & website look great, and function properly, on their hand-held devices. 

WE MAKE YOU FAST – If your site is loading too slowly, your customers will get impatient and leave. We optimize your app & website for blazingly fast and efficient viewing.

Why choose Chosky Studios?


You get a custom mobile app & website that are designed specifically to help you get seen, get heard, and get sales.


The world is rapidly going mobile and we help you to be ready! 


Your graphics will attract attention and help your brand grow to reach its greatest potential. 


Your mobile app & website will rank higher on Google and attract more followers on Facebook. 


With only one chance to make a strong first impression, we ensure that the words on your website represent your best sales pitch. 

Design Services Built For Your Budget!

Whether this is your first app/website or a redesign of your existing one, we work closely with you to produce high quality results that fit within your current budget. Large project or small, Chosky Studios can help you build your brand!

General Pricing

Top Quality Design does not need to cost an arm and leg.
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Build it Yourself

DIY Design Package
$ 19
  • Web Design Essentials Package
    (see FAQ)
  • Static website
  • 1-5 pages
  • Includes:

    Basic Custom Logo
    Custom contact form
    Responsive core design (mobile friendly website)
    Existing content import
    Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Post Design Services:

    Backup database & complete website files
    (1 off-site backup)
    1 month FREE general server maintenance
    (after project is complete)
  • Advanced Features:

    FREE SSL Certificate
    ($150 value)

    Website Optimization
    Anti-Hacker Security
    Auto Backup Service
    SEO Enhancement
    Google Analytics
  • 30% discount on mobile app service

Custom Built

Website Design Package
$ 499
  • Web Design Essentials Package
    (see FAQ)
  • 5+ pages
  • Advanced Features:

    FREE SSL Certificate
    ($150 value)

    Website Optimization
    Anti-Hacker Security
    Auto Backup Service
    SEO Enhancement
    Google Analytics
  • 1 YEAR of FREE Basic URL Registration (.com or .net; depends upon the availability of the name you choose) $50 value
  • 1 YEAR of FREE Basic Web Hosting $250 value
  • Optional Upgrades:

    Dynamic Website
    E-commerce Store
    Additional Graphic Design
    Custom Multimedia
  • 30% discount on mobile app service

Mobile App

Android & iOS App Creation
$ 399
  • Universal Progressive Web App:

    Compatible with iOS (Safari 11.1+)
    Compatible with Android (Chrome, Opera, Firefox 2017+)

    (A Mobile Web App for Promotion, Portfolio, Advertising, or E-commerce)
    (see FAQ)
  • HTTPS, Live Updates, and Offline Mode
  • Extras: Web Push Notifications and “Add to Home Screen” prompts (for Android; coming soon for iOS).
  • FREE Mobile App Optimization Assistance ($230 value)
  • Optional Upgrades:

    Native Android App
    Online Storefront
    Advanced Sharing
    Enhanced SEO
    Ad Monitization
    Photo Gallery
    Video Player
    Music Jukebox
    Other Advanced Features
  • This app package requires an existing compatible WordPress website, or a website we created for you.

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